Social Cognition Therapy: The goal of this individual and small group therapy is to help children with ASD and related disabilities who struggle with social understanding learn and retain life-long skills. This allows them to gain the ability to identify their own behavior deficits, address confusion in social situations, and to help them function successfully with family members, school, in the community, and participate with friends…perhaps for the first time ever! SuperFlex© Social Thinking: YVA works as part of the Steamboat Springs School District to deliver Superflex© directly into elementary school classrooms and train educators. This not only supports children receiving Social Cognition Therapy, but also teaches the general student population strategies to understand the functions of behavior, identify negative behaviors, learn positive replacement behaviors, effectively avoid and resolve conflict, and learn to work as part of a diverse group. It has proven to be effective as an anti-bullying curriculum for the district. Teen Social Coaching: This is a 16-week curriculum from UCLA called PEERS which teaches teens with ASD and other special needs social rules and expectations to gain success in the complex social world. The curriculum is followed up with individual sessions as needed.

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