Respite Care: YVA provides families with respite care at the YVA Center, or reimbursement to allow parents of intensive needs children a few important hours away from home for things as simple as grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments, etc. Education Resources: YVA presents and sponsors highly qualified speakers and workshops for current topics relevant to the local autism community, and distributes current articles and webinars to stakeholders. YVA has an extensive resource library. Emergency Financial & Family Support: The financial strain on families with an intensive need child can be overwhelming, and YVA can provide emergency assistance based on need. Local Autism Support Group meetings: YVA holds Autism Support Group meetings in Routt and Moffat Counties. This helps spread information, provides “Think Tank” discussions, and gives a chance for families to meet and share experiences. Autism Advocacy: YVA is a resource of referral for local and national services and programs, and also act in an advocacy role when determining the best direction forward for families. Public Awareness: YVA has an important role to promote awareness and disseminate accurate current information about ASD and special needs. YVA promotes public awareness through educator training, media events, publishes articles, and shares newsworthy information on the YVA website and social media.

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