Hi Friends, Families, Board and Staff of YVAP, 

Its’ time again for the Palisade Peach Fundraiser from Davis Family Farms. We sure love their peaches; Lance and his family as personal friends have committed to doing this for us again this year. It’s completely within their capacity to provide several hundred boxes for us, so go crazy selling these sweet, juicy peaches!

$50.00 for a full box

$30.00 for a 1/2 box

$8.00 for peahc salsa or peach jam

Email your order to: steamboat@yampavalleyautism.org

or order below:

Peach Product Choices

How it works:

Use the attached Order Form to Pre-order the sweet, juicy, delicious, Palisade Peaches!

  1. YVAP students pre-order boxes or ½ boxes for ourselves, friends, family, coworkers, & neighbors
  2. Submit pre-order forms to YVAP via email or drop off at the office by JULY 27th
  3. Davis Family Farms will deliver the pre-ordered peaches to YVAP office in early August
  4. YVAP students pick up the orders or arrange for the customers to pick them up.
  5. Customers can pay for the orders on the YVAP website upon pickup 

16 Reasons Peaches Are Peachy Keen for Your Body

  1. Peaches keep the skin healthy.  The Vitamin A and C in peaches make them is a great moisturizerand are often used in cosmetics. It also helps in regenerating skin tissue.
  2. A peach is a great snack food for losing weight.  It can give you the feeling of being full, so you will eat less.   One peach contains about 35-50 calories and no fat!
  3. Peach flowers have sedative properties.  A remedy for restlessness includes boiling peach flowers in water along with some honey.
  4. Peaches nourish the scalp which helps reduce hair loss.
  5. In China Peach tea is used as a kidney cleanser.
  6. A stress reliever!  Peaches help reduce anxiety.  Peaches are often referred to as the ‘Fruit of Calmness’ in Hungary.
  7. Peaches have a positive effect in preventing cancer (due to its high selenium content).
  8. Peaches are known to be helpful in removing worms from the intestines.
  9. Peaches have a diuretic effect – to cleanse your kidneys and bladder.
  10. Peaches fight obesity-related diabetes and cardiovascular disease with its spectrum of antioxidants.   Texas AgriLife Research.
  11. Compounds in stone fruits can help with “metabolic syndrome”
  12. Those suffering from gout and rheumatism are recommended by dieticians to eat peaches because peaches tend to have a diuretic and a light laxative effect.
  13. Can calm a stomach.
  14. Peaches are thought to be an aphrodisiac as well.
  15. Peaches Inhibit tumor growth activity.  Peaches have excellent antimicrobial and antioxidant activity according to research.
  16. Chronic bronchitis coughs and gastritis is helped with the medicinal tea of the leaves and bark of peach trees.
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