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Challenges, Needs and Opportunities

YVAP Needs and Opportunities

YVAP needs a center-based location!

YVAP is seeking a new permanent home where all of our services can be delivered in a one-stop-shop.

Offices, Classroom, and Therapy Rooms: Our offices are currently spread out at 3 different locations, with the administrative, therapy and programming happening as separate entities. To maximize teamwork and staff cohesiveness, it would be more effective to have all offices together, including a sensory room and classroom, and our gardening facilities and greenhouse on site, with adequate storage and a play yard for younger children.

There are some significant opportunities for more comprehensive services to the autism community from YVAP, including some revenue generating services, but those possibilities are location driven. The model would be a center-based program where YVAP has offices, therapy space, classroom space to accommodate up to 15 and include sensory space, storage, parking, and access to bus route.

YVAP would love to acquire the funding to make this dream come true.

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Helpful Links

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    A wonderful resource for webinars, many of them are free!
    Offers a broad spectrum of information on autism
    Daily articles on various topics from individuals on spectrum and experts
    A group that offers conferences, resources and updated information

Board of Directors

  • Tom Gangel, Board Chair
  • Susan Mizen, Board Secretary
  • LuEtta Loeber, Treasurer
  • Jack Dysart
  • Rosanne Iversen M.D.
  • Lock McShane
  • Becca Moore
  • Holly Nelson


  • Lisa Lorenz, Executive Director
  • Diane Yazbeck, Social Cognition Director
  • Amanda Anzalone, Program Director
  • Brad Kindred, Program Coordinator
  • Evan Duran
  • Hahn Erickson
  • Alohi Madrigal
  • Betsy Packer
  • Jessica Reagon
  • Jenna Wilson

Autism News from Medical News Today

Algorithm predicts whether high-risk babies will develop autism

Predicting whether someone will go on to develop autism is currently impossible. A new algorithm that measures brain development may change this.

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