Mission Statement

The Yampa Valley Autism Program will assist and support individuals with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities to realize their potential within the confines of the disorder. The Program will strive to maximize the quality of life for the individuals and their families through the provision of private and group therapies, educational programs, family support services, training of qualified personnel, updated educational resources, public awareness advocacy support within our community.

Organizational History

YVAP formed in 2002 as a grassroots support group by a group of parents with family members on the autism spectrum, then developed into an actual program in 2007. As more and more children have been diagnosed, the program has grown forming our own 501 (c) 3. We currently have a full time executive director and 2 staff persons and one part time person. In January 1, 2010, we acquired Community Cultivation, a horticultural work-ready program. In past, we had provided financial support to CC supporting our clients that attend their program. This merger has been valuable to both entities providing for less duplication of services for our older clients.

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Helpful Links

  • autism.com
    Up to date information and latest buzz in autism world
  • autismnow.org
    A wonderful resource for webinars, many of them are free!
  • autismspeaks.org
    Offers a broad spectrum of information on autism
  • thinkingautismguide.com
    Daily articles on various topics from individuals on spectrum and experts
  • fhautism.com
    A group that offers conferences, resources and updated information

Board of Directors

  • Tom Gangel, Board Chair
  • Susan Mizen, Secretary
  • LuEtta Loeber, Treasurer
  • Holly Nelson, Fund Development
  • Steve Ivanci
  • Christine McKelvie
  • Jack Dysart

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